ME, Social & Personal April 04 2015

Delighted to be sharing a page with Dior - I'm sure it's made their year too!!! :-)

ME on the Move April 04 2015

We have moved from our workshop on Market Quay to a larger premises on Main Street in Kinsale!

Busy painting decorating and unpacking the workshop - our shop is open for business as usual and we have some lovely new pieces on display. 

Looking forward to a busy summer season 

ME on RTE February 27 2015

RTE studio Cork, recording a segment for Radio 1 business show on female designers/jewellerys, final edit airs at 10am this Saturday!

Full Circle May 29 2013

I got my first jewellery making set from the lovely Mr. Santa Claus when I was 11, I loved it and everyone was adorned with my latest pieces - including my brother who was less than impressed as he had to wear a lovely flower pendant for most of Christmas Day.




Now, several years on,  I am the busy little elf making beautiful jewellery that will be loved and cherished forever, not just for Christmas.


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