Silver Jewellery

As a natural material, silver reacts with its environment, especially the chemicals in the air and, over time, silver can become tarnished. Minimize tarnish as well as scratches by storing your jewellery in individual small plastic bags and if possible in separate compartments within your jewellery box.

Cleaning your silver regularly is one way to avoid tarnish, one of the best ways to clean your jewellery is with a professional jewellery polishing cloth. Give your jewellery a polish after wearing, this remove oils, fingerprints and dust, and will keep your jewellery in pristine condition. If you choose to use silver dip please be aware that any gemstones in your silver jewellery may be damaged from the dip solution.

By taking care of your silver jewellery it will last a lifetime and can be passed down as heirloom piece for future generations.